Source production

Special Production for Children With Disabilities by Their Special Parents

The production branch of the Source Foundation was established to fill the gap of the production of special equipment and adaptations for children with disabilities in the local market.

Within the framework of the project we:

Create property and accessories according to each child’s individual needs,

Fill the need of specialized property/furniture (especially in the regional centers),

Create jobs in the sewing and wood workshops,

We allow parents of children with special needs to pass a training after which the latter are given the opportunity to work and get a source of income.

Now during the therapies the sensory development games made by the mothers are used.

With this initiative we intend to involve more young mothers, continue further educational process and soon provide them with employment. We also aim at helping children with disabilities by providing them with facilities for personal use and the necessary goods that contribute to their development as well as at providing such goods and adapted upholstered property for working with children at centers.

About 21 centers have already been equipped with our special property and accessories, about 100 children received special individual adaptations according to their needs.

During these years our team of parents has been supported by both individuals (volunteers) and different companies. Realizing that a child with disabilities is a full and competent member of society and helping each other we will be able to build a healthy society.

source production


Siran Hovhannisyan
Susanna Harutyunyan
Anna Mkrtchyan
Sales Consultant
Anna Minasyan
Sales Consultant

The donors of the project are:


Mission Armenia Charitable NGO


Gishyan Foundation

Izmirlian Foundation


Impact Hub/ EU