Disability is one of the main factors contributing to child vulnerability. Children with disabilities are considered the most vulnerable group of the society. From the very start not only the child but also the child’s parents face challenges. In our reality, the latter regularly face various problems related to the child’s therapies, organization of the daily routine, education and development. On the one hand, the misunderstanding of the concept of “disability” by the society, the ignorance of the society and the stereotypical attitude towards children with disabilities, on the other hand, the lack of access to services and resources can make the children and their parents even more marginalized and isolated.

Having children with disabilities and being well-aware of the importance of the proper care, services, therapies, socialization in the development of the skills of children with disabilities, Marina Parazyan and Lilia Karapetyan aimed at creating a foundation that would work towards the improvement of the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families’ by helping them to become full members of society and to lead a full life. The Source Foundation was established on November 7, 2013.

The Foundation aims to:

Help them to become active members of society and advocate the protection of their rights;

Create centers and services in Armenia that will provide a comprehensive set of solutions for children with special needs;

Provide high-quality rehabilitation therapy and skills development activities;

Ensure full palliative care;

Provide childcare service during the daytime and leisure activities;

Promote education and/or skills development that suits everyone;

Create a comfortable and hospitable environment;

Create and expand communication opportunities;

Ensure improved quality of life;

Create cooperative environment by developing chains for siblings, parents and other family members;

Develop discussion platforms for beneficiaries/family members and the corresponding policy makers, multidisciplinary specialists and medical representatives;

Change the stereotypical approaches and pessimistic attitude of society towards disabled people.

The Foundation runs activities aimed at improving the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families as well as at implementing projects that promote children’s physical and mental health and development.

By focusing our professional and parenting efforts on our children we:

contribute to their skills development,

provide care at home and at the center,

provide rehabilitation services as well as adapted special equipment, furniture and goods adapting the environment to meet children’s needs,

implement events helping them to better integrate into society.

The Foundation is staffed by leading specialists in the field who regularly participate in trainings, discussions, seminars which contributes to their professional growth and development.

Parents play a pivotal role in improving the quality of life of children and their families. Putting in all the efforts and resources we organize:

Meetings with the parent team, professional discussions and seminars, promoting parental awareness as well as consolidating and empowering the parent community;

Parent team trainings aimed at acquiring job skills and applying them on the spot. As a result, by passing a training in sewing and wood workshops, the parents of a child with a disability have the opportunity to go to work and get a source of income.

We believe that together we can help children with disabilities and their families to reach their full potential and achieve maximum results.

Source Foundation


Marina Parazyan
CEO and Founder
Lilia Karapetyan
Source Foundation

Management Staff

Vehanush Gyulbangyan
Deputy Director
Seda Margaryan
Anna Grigoryan
Coordinator at Source Production
Alla Karapetyan
Administrative Assistant

Our Mission

Source Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families.

Our Vision

Source foundation envisions a world in which together we support children with disabilities and their families as much as possible, promote their involvement in society and at work, set new international quality standards and meet them.

Our Values

Social responsibility
Individualized approach