“Source House” Development Center

“Source House” Development and Daycare Center is a social project based on an international model, which has been implemented since 2017.

Since its launch the project has adopted the principles of the improvement of the living conditions of children with special needs, the development and maintenance of vital skills, as well as the principle of psychological, educational and employment support to parents.

Within the framework of the project we provide:

the necessary rehabilitation, development and care services for children with moderate and severe disabilities based on each child’s individual plan,

transportation from the home to the center and vice versa for children with locomotor disabilities and severe behavioral disorders.

In total, up to 90 children are served on a monthly basis for 12 hours a week, 130 children on average are regularly served on an annual basis. The project has up to 40 employees annually.

The services provided to children attending the center include:

Speech Therapy and Alternative Communication

Occupational Therapy

Music Therapy

Art Therapy (Pottery)

Service of "Special Pedagogue"

Service of "Psychologist" for children and parents

Kinesiotherapy / adaptive gymnastics

Behavioral therapy

The donors of the project are:

2017y– 2020y –  “Cronimet” Charity Foundation.

2021y – «Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine» Charity Foundation («ZCMC» Foundation)